2024 Acura ZDX Type S Model Preview

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Acura’s first fully electric model has been announced, and will be coming in 2024. The ZDX nameplate is being revived for this new electric SUV, as the original ZDX was the first vehicle designed from the ground up at the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles. This new ZDX is going to be a design leader as well, being the first Acura vehicle to incorporate styling cues from the Acura Precision EV Concept that debuted at the Monterey Car Week. Not only that, but the ZDX represents the first step towards electrification for Honda. Acura will serve as Honda’s trailblazing electric brand, with all of Honda being fully electric by 2040, and carbon neutral by 2050.

The ZDX will use a highly flexible global EV platform, developed in partnership with GM and using Ultium batteries. A second SUV model will be made using this platform, and will be sold as a Honda. But future models will use Honda/Acura’s own e:Architecture-based platform, starting in 2026. Honda will be working to bring solid-state batteries within a similar timeframe, thereby increasing capacity and reducing cost. And whichever platform we’re talking about, all Acura vehicles sold in the US are also built in the US.

Launching at the same time as the ZDX will be the ZDX Type S, a performance-oriented version of the SUV. Acura wants to make it very clear that the brand’s commitment to performance and the driver experience will continue into the EV era.

ZDX Arriving 2024

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