AcuraLink Overview

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AcuraLink is a comprehensive navigation and connectivity experience that brings your Acura vehicle online and integrates it with cloud-based services. Enjoy streaming music, podcasts, email, and news updates via your compatible smartphone with seamless access inside your Acura. Four AcuraLink packages provide a range of services ranging from real-time traffic data and remote access to your vehicle to emergency roadside assistance and your own personal concierge.

AcuraLink Packages & Features

AcuraLink Basic


With the added convenience of the Basic package, you’ll be able to easily access information inside of your Acura. This means you can get 24/7 roadside assistance, schedule service visits, and much more.

AcuraLink Security


Experience confidence and peace of mind with the Security package. You’ll get access to features that provide a helping hand when you need it, from roadside assistance to clearing your navigation data from your app.

AcuraLink Remote


AcuraLink Concierge


Experience an entirely new level of convenience by speaking with a dedicated concierge that’s able to help with making and confirming reservations directly from your Acura vehicle.

Includes all features of the Remote Package plus:

AcuraLink Apps

AcuraLink Apps

Making it simple to connect to your Acura vehicle, each free app provides a different level of connectivity between your Acura and your iOS or Android device.

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AcuraLink Pricing

Basic Complimentary
Security 12-Month Trial
$89/year after complimentary trial
Remote 6-Month Trial
$110/year after complimentary trial
Concierge (includes Remote Package) 6-Month Trial
$260/year after complimentary trial