Oil Change Service in Bedford, Ohio

Acura Oil Change Service in bedford, oh

Why Is Changing The Oil In Your Acura Important?

With proper maintenance and care, your Acura vehicle will continue to provide years of reliable performance. A simple and inexpensive way to extend the life of your Acura is to regularly change your engine oil. The oil inside your engine is responsible for keeping vital engine components properly lubricated, protecting them against harmful heat and friction. Trust the team of service experts at Motorcars Acura to give your vehicle the attention it deserves with regular oil maintenance.

When Is The Right Time To Change My Oil?

Oil eventually deteriorates and loses its ability to protect your engine, due to heat, friction, and exposure to exhaust components. The best way to determine the exact information on oil change intervals for your Acura is to reference your Owner’s Manual. Newer Acura models come equipped with a Maintenance Minder system which calculates service needs based on your car’s mileage and alerts you with a series of messages when it’s getting close to needing an oil change. It’s also important to remember that factors such as your driving habits and local climate can have an impact on how often your oil needs changed. If you’re still unsure, our knowledgeable Acura Service Advisors are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Acura Maintenance Minder Oil Change Service

How To Know If You Have a Problem With Your Engine Oil?

Identifying the signs or symptoms of an engine oil related problem could potentially save you money, inconvenience, and frustration in the future. Listed below are a few of the most common warning signs to help you spot an engine oil related problem.

Engine Oil Light is Blinking

Engine Oil Light is Blinking

Should a blinking or steady Engine Oil Warning Light appear on your dashboard, your Acura is likely suffering from low oil pressure. In order to stay properly lubricated and protected against damage, your engine requires a certain amount of oil at all times. If your Acura has a blinking oil light, we recommend safely slowing to a stop and contact the Service Center at Motorcars Acura to address the problem. Continuing to drive with low oil pressure could potentially cause serious damage to your Acura.

Oil Puddles or Stains Under Your Acura

Oil Puddles or Stains Under Your Acura

If you notice oil drops, stains, or puddles collecting under your Acura, we recommend scheduling a service appointment as soon as possible. Spotting oil underneath your Acura can be tricky, especially in the summertime or on warm days. It’s common for your vehicle’s air conditioning system to drip water. Be sure not to confuse this for oil. Common areas to check for an engine oil leak include the oil pan drain plug, oil pan gasket, and valve cover gasket. A loss of engine oil can lead to potentially serious engine issues, making it important to address this issue as soon as possible.

Why Get Your Oil Changed at Motorcars Acura?

When it comes to taking proper care of your vehicle, nobody understands your Acura better than the team of factory-trained Acura technicians and service experts at Motorcars Acura. Our technicians will inspect your engine for any oil related problems. Should there be an issue, our service team will provide you with their findings along with advice and recommendations for getting the most out of your engine. If you’ve been thinking all oil changes are the same, take some time to consider the following advantages of having your oil changed at Motorcars Acura.

Acura Oil Change Service

1. Acura-Trained Technicians Make a Difference

Only Acura-certified technicians have undergone rigorous training to help them know the specialized components on your vehicle better than anyone else. By trusting the professionals at Motorcars Acura to change your oil, you’ll be able to drive with confidence and peace of mind from knowing the work was done right.

2. Motorcars Acura Uses Valvoline Motor Oil

Motorcars Acura is proud to use Valvoline Motor Oil products, which have been engineered to meet or exceed the original performance requirements and specifications of your vehicle. Valvoline Motor Oil is scientifically formulated to guarantee optimum performance and compatibility with your Acura vehicle.

3. Motorcars Acura Uses Acura Precision Crafted Oil Filters

Superior materials and advanced technology combine to make the ultimate oil filter for your Acura. Acura oil filters contain up to 60% more variable density filter paper, based on surface area, than leading competitive oil filters. This material is responsible for trapping contaminants in order to keep your oil clean and extend engine life. Our technicians will also install a crush washer during an oil and filter change. This crush washer “crushes” as designed in order to form a tight seal between the oil pan and drain plug, preventing leaks.

4. Enjoy a Free Multi-Point Inspection With Every Oil Change

Included with every scheduled service visit at Motorcars Acura is a complimentary Multi-Point Inspection. This includes a visual inspection of vital vehicle components underneath the vehicle and under the hood, as well as a battery test, top off any fluids, a complete tire check, which includes pressure, tread depth, and brake pad checks. Our expert Acura technicians will record all of their findings and discuss the results with you.

Keep your vehicle operating at peak performance by using factory-recommended engine oil and oil filters designed specifically for your Acura vehicle. Motorcars Acura is your destination for an oil change for your Acura.