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Acura Transmission Service - Motorcars Acura

A critical component of your Acura’s drivetrain, modern transmissions are incredibly sophisticated systems of valves, gears, and computer controls. Over time, normal use will require you to have your transmission serviced in order to get the maximum possible life out of it. The Acura Certified technicians at Motorcars Acura can inspect, diagnose, and repair your transmission as needed.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Damaged Transmission

Automatic Transmission Cutaway

Fluid Leaks

This is easy to spot, and your earliest warning sign that your transmission needs attention. Drops or puddles under your car could be caused by a damaged gasket or line. Maintaining the correct transmission fluid level is vitally important to transmission function, as well as protecting the transmission from damage. So addressing a leak right away is important.

Clutch Slip

On cars equipped with a manual transmission, normal wear on the friction material on the clutch will eventually cause it to slip. This is normal but should be addressed as soon as possible. You will notice that the clutch isn’t engaging or disengaging properly. This will make it more difficult to drive, and will also cause damage to the transmission if it isn’t serviced soon.

Park to Drive Delay

Shifting from Park into Drive should happen quickly, so if you detect a hesitation from the transmission in getting into gear, this could indicate a problem. If the problem persists, the engine will start to run rough once in gear, and possibly stall.

Gear Slip

This is specific to cars with an automatic transmission, and is when the transmission is having difficulty shifting up or down while accelerating or decelerating. It could also be when the transmission is “hunting” for the right gear and shifting repeatedly, even while trying to maintain speed. This is potentially a serious problem, and requires immediate attention.

Automatic Transmission Inspection

Routine Transmission Fluid Changes

This is a normal part of maintaining your transmission, and is by far the most common type of transmission service. Transmission fluid is necessary for proper function of the transmission, but it also protects the internal components from heat and contaminants. Being subjected to all of this heat and contamination, transmission fluid will start to break down over time. In order to prevent damage to internal components, it’s necessary to occasionally change the fluid. To do this, our Acura Certified technicians will drain the fluid from the pan, change the transmission fluid filter, and replace the old fluid with new fluid.

Acura Transmission Repair

Transmission Fluid Flush

Similar in principle to a fluid change, a transmission fluid flush is a much more comprehensive service. For starters, about 30% of the fluid is left in the torque converter and cooler when doing a standard change. This is fine under normal circumstances, but when necessary, a flush will remove virtually all of the old fluid. Using specialized equipment, the old fluid is also inspected for signs of bigger transmission problems by our team of Acura experts.

Acura Transmission Reseal

Transmission Reseal

Leaks are hard enough on your garage floor or driveway, but they can quickly lead to bigger issues with your transmission if not addressed. A transmission reseal is the best way to address this. All external seals and gaskets are upgraded, then double-checked by our technicians to make certain that the problem has been fixed.

Acura Transmission Repair

Transmission Replacement

Sometimes transmission damage is too extensive to be repaired, and in this situation, you’ll need a complete replacement. Our factory-trained Acura technicians will inspect and diagnose your transmission, then present you with their findings on the condition of your transmission. If it’s discovered that the transmission is beyond the point of repair, we can replace it to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Why Have Your Transmission Serviced at Motorcars Acura?

Motorcars Acura is equipped to handle all of your transmission service needs, from fluid changes and flushes, to computer diagnostics, repair and replacement. We use genuine Acura parts and components, and our team knows your Acura inside and out. Transmissions are important and complex, it’s best to have them serviced by experts.